Free Bicycle Lights!

The Bike Light Foundation provides free bicycle lights to help improve the visibility of bicyclists to motorists.

If you are interested to donate to the Bike Light Foundation, please send a check (working bike lights also welcome!) to Peter Weng at 849 Almar Ave Ste C #505, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Paypal or Google Wallet donations can also be made to weng.p.f {at} gmail . com.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Report from the Bike Church

Steve from the Bike Church relayed a nice story.  He mentioned how he was recently helping provide a free helmet to a homeless cyclist (something the Bike Church does).  When he asked about lights, the cyclist mentioned that 'some guy had just given him a bike light.'

It turns out that the cyclist had received one of our Bike Light Foundation lights.  So it's nice to know that there's a cyclist who is now newly helmeted and lighted!

[Note - the Bike Light Foundation provides lights to anyone who is in need of a light (it's not based on income or any other qualifications - simply if someone doesn't have a light).]

People Power Newsletter

Thank you to People Power Santa Cruz for including a write-up about the Bike Light Foundation in their recent newsletter:

(see bottom right of page 3)

People Power is a great bicycle advocacy group so we're grateful for their support and encourage others to support People Power as well.  Their website:

Thanks again to Amelia and everyone at People Power!

Contribution thank you

Thanks to William Menchine for his donation to the Bike Light Foundation!  William is also a bicycle advocate and provided some great suggestions on helping to source lights and on bicycle safety as well.  Thanks, William!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Replacing a lost light

Hymie had lost his earlier bike light and was riding in the dark in the rain/wind (*really* low visibility).  He was glad to get a bike light.